• Download Optifine

Start by downloading the appropriate version of OptiFine for your version of Minecraft from this link.

Click on the installer you just downloaded, which will automatically install OptiFine for Minecraft. It will also create a profile in your Minecraft launcher called "Optifine."

Open up your MC launcher and select the Optifine profile.

  • Download Shaders Pack

Start by downloading Plunder Pixel's from this link. There are 100s of Shaders Packs around but i find this one runs the best.

Open Minecraft and click Shaders from the settings menu.

Click on Shaders Folder. This opens up the folder where the shader packs are stored.

Place the shader pack in the folder leaving the file as a .zip.

The shader pack will now show up in shaders list. Highlight over the pack in the available packs section. Select the pack from the listed section and click done. This will apply it to the game.

Mys_take well I tried it but laptop wasnt happy with it so disabled shaders but carried on with optifine, was good to try it thou...
Mys_take Can we download optifine for sky factory?