Tinker Tools have been add to our original server which will gain exp from being used and ultimately can be leveled up in order to gain modifiers. Modifiers can be normal MC enchants, but this plugin also offers several custom enchants.


  • Gain tool experience just by using your tool!
  • Level up to gain random modifiers (Enchants)
  • Add modifiers manually with a Tinker Table
  • Current tool types: Sword, Bow, Pickaxe, Axe, Spade
  • exp gain
  • modifiers & modifier items
  • Cool particles and sounds while crafting. repairing, or modifying tools.

Premium Commands:

/TinkerTools name <name> - Name your tinker tool! (Only allows 1 color to prevent possible incompatibilities)

Member Commands:

/TinkerTools modifiers -Shows a GUI with all availiable modifier items