We’ve had our main survival world for a
few years already and have decided to release a new (additional) world
for the new 1.13 update. This means more space for you to build and all
the latest world features 1.13 comes with. Items between the new and the
old world can be shared. If you decide to play on the new world you
will have to claim land before you build. We will not consider deleting
the old world until it becomes redundant!
We will release more info about the new world once it’s ready.

Some Plug-ins are broken like Slime fun, these are still awaiting updates.

Type "/warps" and click on "Survival"

If you have ideas for the new world please let us know

underestimate 1.13 world players can now dig down in there claims :)
BrianaDanielle I has an idea. :d What about a spawn inside of a guardian temple, thats clear of the guardians of course, but you can h...
Tykei If anyone wants the updated textures I was able to find a link to em here: https://www.reddit.com/r/HermitCraft/com...